Recent Extreme Weather in Queensland


Australia provides a wonderful environment for people of all ages, but recent weather storms have brought torrential rain, dangerously strong winds, hail and caused significant damage. During this time of distress, it is often a comfort to know that you have an insurance policy that will cover you, but do you have a policy that truly covers you for all events?

On 19th June 2016, a deluge of intense rain accompanied by severe gale force winds battered

the south Queensland Coast and moved along into New South Wales. The rain was incessant and the resulting floods left many homes seriously damaged. Emergency Services in South East Queensland alone received more than 300 calls and there were more than 9000 blackouts. Along the Sunshine Coast the storms were so intense that several homes had their roofs ripped off, numerous glass panes were smashed, air-conditioning units destroyed and parked cars damaged by falling debris. Police reported severe flooding on many Brisbane roads with vehicles in some areas semi-submerged. In NSW the State Emergency Services were involved in six successful rescues. Although there were some near misses, thankfully no lives were lost.

The unexpected could, and does happen. It can happen to your neighbours, your friends, your family members and of course it can happen to you. The importance of being adequately insured cannot be over emphasised. The damage caused by Acts of Nature to homes, structures and vehicles, as well as to possessions can all be compensated for with insurance.

In Australia, there are a wealth of policies which will cover you for losses caused by Acts of Nature but as you are aware, insurance is far from simple and the small print can be very confusing. You will need a policy which will give you the best possible coverage at the most competitive rates. For these reasons you should seek the services of an expert in the field, someone that can ensure when the worst happens, you have the security you need.

You should consider using a broker who can look through the best policies with you, and act in your interests to find the deal which best suits your needs. Insurance Brokers Australia (IBA) is a member of the Steadfast Group – the largest network of insurance brokers in the country. IBA has an outstanding reputation and the resources and expertise to filter through the many policies it has access to, in order to find the best one for you. Your friendly IBA broker is a specialist in insurance jargon and will give you an unbiased opinion on your best course of action.

To ensure that you have peace of mind and that you are adequately protected from the unexpected extremes the Australian climate can throw at you, contact Insurance Brokers Australia and they will be able to give you unbiased advice as to the best and most cost effective policy to suit the individual needs.


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